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RTA honors eVento Solutions for Its Meritorious Services


Dubai Roads and Transport Authority honored a number of partners who contributed to the RTA’s Portal Revamp & Development Project, in a ceremony held in the RTA headquarter building, where all attendees have been briefed on the achievements of the new RTA portal, in which Evento solutions company took a major part in its Development Project. The event was attended by Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan CEO of Licensing Agency in RTA and Abdullah Madani, CEO of RTA Corporate Technical Support services sector as well as a number of managers and employees of these partner companies which contribute in the Revamp & Development Project of RTA portal.

Evento solutions company came at the forefront of the honored companies for its distinct and meritorious services rendered to develop the new RTA portal and for building its online content in both languages (Arabic and English) creatively and interactively with a view to providing high quality content and service to the users of RTA website in terms of online information accessibility, readability and usability in a simple user-friendly interface based on services classification most needed by customers of the RTA.

During this event Mr. Fahim Zubaidi CEO of eVento Solutions has received a letter of appreciation by both Mr. Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, CEO of Licensing Agency in RTA and Mr. Abdullah Madani, CEO of Corporate Technical Support services sector in RTA, who both praised the great efforts made by Evento solutions and expressed their support for the continuous service provided by the company in the area of the online content Revamp and Development.